Ella Baché Salon & Spa West Perth

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Adriana, has more than 10 years experience in the industry. Come and enjoy the super pampering facial and massage from Adriana or be amazed by her knowledge in our Ella Bache products and skills in waxing. Adriana is also the most experienced therapist in relaxing massages. Book Adriana now if you are looking for a relaxing facial and/ or a soothing massage.

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Ava is loved by her customers for her hard working and warm heart. She started in the Salon as our Massage Therapist specializing in Oriental Styled massage. She also promotes good skin care with our more luxurious pamper packages and hand and foot treatments. Ava's very unique technique for lash extension was often admired by customers or even by her colleagues. With more than 8 years experience in this particular area, we are confident that Ava would be one of the most experienced and skillful lash extension therapist in Perth Region.

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With more than 5 years experience working as Ella Bache's Senior Therapist, Denise surely will impress you with her rich Ella Bache products knowledge and deep understanding of your skin's nature. Denise's soft spoken and calming character will make your every visit pleasant and relaxing.

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Elise has been working in our salon since 2010 and has been loved by our clients as our waxing specialist. Elise enjoys keeping up with the latest in beauty trends and can provide you with all your new and old beauty needs. Whether it be a waxing treatment or a long plumping facial treatment or a beautiful brow work, book in with Elise today.

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Monique’s bright personality and love of life really shine through. Having joined us in May 2015 she brings a wealth of knowledge having been in the beauty industries for many years. Coming to us from one of the top Medispa in Perth, she understands all the latest technology in beauty industry. With a passion for eye lashes, she is our eyelash extension expert! Monique is also both our IPL hair reduction and IPL pigmentation expert too.

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